BUDAPEST 不大的布达佩斯

两天前从Budapest回来,真的觉得比伦敦的建筑物更有特色,也更有‘历史性’。虽然听不懂当地的语言,但是公共交通很方便,我们每天搭的都是公车。整个城市并不是很大,当时第一天我们从Buda走到Pest,也去了中间叫做Margit Island的岛。而最有名的是当地的室外澡堂, 到时候会post一些照片 (现在还在冲洗)。很喜欢的是Budapest当地的传统服装,不同图案和颜色形成的百褶裙是首选!

Got back from Budapest two days ago, the architectures are more of an interest to me compared to ones in London, but also due to the fact they are much older. The first day we got there, we were acing the public transport as if we lived there. Buses run very frequently, did not have the need to take the metro, moreover it was cheap. However, the city itself was not huge as we walked from the side of Buda to Pest (yes, that’s why its called Budapest!) and did most of the sightseeing. There was this small island (and the only island), Margit Island situated in the middle of Buda and Pest; it is literally a huge green park where people come to relax and bike around.

And of course, we went to the infamous baths, Szechenyi Bath. I will be posting more photos as it is getting developed. Whilst we were there, we came across this traditional Hungarian dance group while we were heading for the Buda Castle. That is when we spotted the lovely traditional pleated and patterned puffy skirts. Please do get one if you are there! Doesn’t it make you want to spin around and dance under the sun?

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